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Hear what clients are saying about The E-Myth Landscape Contractor!!

Hi Tony,
Just wanted to let you know I read your book and I enjoyed it very much. Lots of thought provoking stuff in there.The one thing that I will do right away is standardize our bidding. We are 80% there and have a software that does ensure consistent bids, but we were overriding it often. Second is collect all of our sales processes and refine them and distill them EMythdown to something cohesive that can be used by anyone. I have been reflecting on the fact that we have many processes and systems that are not used consistently across our company and the difficulty in managing processes so they are actually used.
-Danny Milligan

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Hi Tony,
I bought the book and read it! Great stuff and
Willis Sanchez

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Absolutely awesome! Seriously if I had read this book before I went into business I wouldn’t have gone into business because I would have been afraid of the mountain I would have to climb. Now that I am going into my 9th year of business I want to implement as much as possible of what you and Michael have written.                      Tim Egli

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“I thought the email series and the e-myth book are great. Very helpful. Still have a couple chapters left to finish the book. It’s one of those books I will have to read over and over. Each time pulling out more information.
Thanks for what you are doing.”
Scott Smith
Scapes, LLC

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